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Coffee of Kusalavudu

Coffee of Kusalavudu

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Mr.Kusalavudu is a progressive farmer in this region and highly applauded for the efforts he put in towards introducing new crops and implementing new practices in agriculture in this remote region.

Pride owner of a plantaion of around 4 acres, he is one of the very few farmers in this region who really takes care of his crop. We found his washed arabicas would delight you all and so chose his crop to roast and send it over to you, making it - ‘directly from the farmer’.

We take pride in saying that we are acting as a facilitator for our team of farmers and taking their coffees to the next level by roasting on their behalf and seeing to it their coffees reach the right people in the best way. 

Coffee Variety





3,100 ft above sea level


Washed Arabicas

Roast Level


Cupping  Notes

Well balanced with mild acidity and notes of dark chocolate & nuts.